Student Probability Research Seminar

This seminar is meant to promote research collaboration among students on problems in probability and related fields. Talks can be about any topic and are meant to be exploratory: speakers do not need to know anything more than what is presented. If you are interested in working on a problem with others, please volunteer to give a talk (by simply sending me an email).

2018-2019 schedule: Fridays, 4pm, 381-I

November 2

Yuval Wigderson

Anticoncentration for martingales

2017 - 2018:

October 20

November 3

December 1

February 2

May 25

Erik Bates

Joey Zou

Jimmy He

Alex Zhai

Felipe Hernandez

Avoidance couplings

Metropolis algorithm convergence rates and microlocal analysis

Random walk on groups

Product replacement and related Markov chains on groups

Multivariate central limit theorems for point processes