I am broadly interested in probability, particularly its intersections with statistical mechanics, mathematical physics, analysis, and combinatorics.

Publications (arXiv versions occasionally contain more technical details)

  • arXiv journal bib | Empirical distributions, geodesic lengths, and a variational formula in first-passage percolation. Preprint.

  • arXiv journal bib | Avoidance couplings on non-complete graphs. (with Moumanti Podder) Random Structures Algorithms. To appear.

  • arXiv journal bib | Hausdorff dimensions for shared endpoints of disjoint geodesics in the directed landscape. (with Shirshendu Ganguly, Alan Hammond) Preprint.

  • arXiv journal bib | Full-path localization of directed polymers. Preprint.

  • arXiv bib | Localization and free energy asymptotics in disordered statistical mechanics and random growth models. Ph.D. thesis.

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  • journal | Altered brain network dynamics in youths with autism spectrum disorder. (with Evie Malaia, Benjamin Seitzman, Katherine Coppess) Exp. Brain Res. 234 (2016), no. 12, 3425–3431.