Faculty Area Research Seminar

Ben Ljungberg and I organized the 2015-2016 Faculty Area Research Seminar (FARS). For the sake of future organizers, I have preserved a list of talks we had the privilege of hearing.

June 1

May 23

May 16

May 9

April 25

March 7

February 29

November 30

November 16

November 2

October 19

October 12

Zhiwei Yun

Steven Kerckhoff

Daniel Bump

Jacob Fox

John Pardon

Ravi Vakil

Lenya Ryzhik

Akshay Venkatesh

Sourav Chatterjee

Kannan Sourdararajan

Søren Galatius

Yakov Eliashberg

The Langlands correspondence for function fields

Hyperbolic geometry and its cousins in dimension 3

Functionals and representations of Hecke algebras

Combinatorial Geometry

Contact homology

Cutting and pasting in algebraic geometry

Is there KPZ in KPP?

Fun with modular forms

Introduction to nonlinear large deviations

The value distribution of zeta and L-functions

Moduli spaces of manifolds

Rigid and flexible methods in symplectic topology

Here are some previous years' schedules:

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